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Arrival and distances


After booking a confirmation of order is sent in which you can find the room number and the pin-code. The pin-code is used to get through the downstairs door, the upstairs door and the door to your room on your stay. The main entrance to Ysihotelli is located on the west side of the building. 


There are no parking reserved for the hotel. Though, there are plenty of free parking lots around the center of Pieksämäki. The closest parking lot is on the market square and behind a shoe shop (Raitalaakso) on the north side of the market square. The mentioned parking spots are marked in the picture provided (Fin: Pysäköinti). 


The railway station 600 meters.  

The market square 100 meters. 

Cultural center Poleeni 500 meters. 

Shopping center Veturitori 500 meters. 

Hiekanpää beach 1,2 kilometers. 
The watershed trails, Tahinlampi start 2,9 kilometers. 

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