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Ysihotelli provides quality accommodation in the city center of Pieksämäki amongst all the services. There are three “Superior” rooms which have a double bed as well as a convertible sofa, 7 double bedrooms, 2 single bedrooms plus the opportunity to combine certain rooms. Every room has its own bathroom with a shower, a fridge, microwave, coffee machine and a kettle.

Accommodation can be booked on our website. After the reservation is made the software will send a door code and the room number to the guest via email.

Invoicing is only available for companies. Contact info@ysihotelli.fi or call the customer service to get more info on the billing.

More info about the arrival to the hotel and about the breakfast bundle can be found on Ysihotelli Info

Ysihotelli serves as an automatic hotel in the center of Pieksämäki. There are no staff at the hotel. Reservations are easy to make on our website and then the guest may arrive to the hotel whenever after 16:00. Accommodation time for one day is 16:00-12:00. The code provided wont work outside this schedule unless the reservation is for multiple days.

Arrival to Ysihotelli is easy by a train or a car since the railway station is only 600 meters away an there are multiple free parking lots near the hotel.

The hotel opened in the Spring of 2022 has 12 well equipped rooms that are unique by not only their floorplans but also by their interior design.

Ysihotelli is located in the center of all the services in Pieksämäki so the walk to shops, restaurants and events is short.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Ysihotelli toimii automaattihotellina eikä henkilökuntaa ole hotellissa paikalla. Sisäänkäynti toimii ovikoodilla, jonka asiakas saa varauksen yhteydessä.

Puhelinpäivystys palvelee joka päivä kello 08.00 - 20.00 numerossa +358400707999.