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 Ysimajat serves lunch, hosts events and has accommodation on the shore of the beautiful Vangasjärvi (Lake Vangas) three kilometers from the city center. The big ballroom with a lakeview is the perfect place for any event. Accommodation is divided in three separated houses which all have four rooms. Ysimajat can provide accommodation for up to 50 people. 

More info on the website: http://www.ysimajat.fi 

Address: Uistinkuja 6, Pieksämäki 

Phone: 050 518 7640 


Ysirauta is a full-on hardware store just a few kilometers from the hotel. Check the selection and our webstore at http://www.ysirauta.fi

Address: Helmintie 1, Pieksämäki 

Phone: 0400 578 466 


You can rent everything from small to big machinery from Ysivuokraus. 

Address: Vanha Jyväskyläntie 14-16, Pieksämäki 

Phone: 0400 529 099 


Ysikaluste makes perfect cabinets and such for your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe. 

Address: Kangaskatu 28, Pieksämäki 

Phone: 0400 159 808 


Pieksämäen Ysiysi-Rakennus Oy has been building in Pieksämäki and the nearby towns for over 20 years with huge professionalism. 

Address: Tornipolku 2b, Pieksämäki 

Phone: 040 735 8999